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Careers at the Social Edge

Back End Engineer / Dev Ops Engineer

We are looking for a talented back end engineer / dev ops engineer in New York City, NY


The candidate should be comfortable with

  • CLI
  • Unix/Linux file structures
  • Versioning with git
  • Wireframing
  • Modern development tactics (sprints / scrum / agile dev)

The candidate should also

  • Be familiar with modern MVC frameworks (RoR / Codeigniter) and content management systems
  • Be familiar with social media and online publishing tactics



The candidate should

  • Have 5 years experience deploying applications to bare metal and vps systems.
  • Be very familiar with the current security environment and be ready to discuss your references and tactics for server based security and local development security as well.
  • Be fluent in at least one of the common backend languages (ideally php, but ruby, python etc. are fine). Bonus if you are into node.js and newer server / client models.
  • Be very familiar with AWS and the associated concepts IE loadbalancing, CDNs, self healing networks, elastic scaling, SNS/SQS and so on. Bonus if you have played with running headless webkit instances for screen capture tasks / phantom.js shenanigans.
  • You basically understand how the internet works inside and out.



  • Competitive Compensation. Commensurate with experience.
  • Employee Incentive Stock Option Grant. Own a piece of the company you’re helping to build and share in its success
  • 401k Policy With Company Matching. Because your financial future is made in the present.
  • Great Health Benefits. Happy, healthy people make better employees.
  • Flexible Vacation and Sick Time policy. Work smarter, not harder. Spend your time freely, just get your work done. We know you need to see grandma every so often; we love ours, too.
  • Company Outings and Trips. We like to have fun together. The all-expenses-paid type of fun.
  • Your Very Own MacBook Air or iMac. Your choice. Plus a large display if “vagabond” is your style.
  • Suggest Your Own. We are adding benefits all the time. Help us build a great business, and reap the rewards alongside us.



Please send your cover letter and resume to

About The Social Edge

We developed our social media expertise while launching some of the biggest sites and web personalities of today, learning that an “audience-first” approach is crucial to building fan loyalty, longevity and engagement. Soon we realized how our approach and expertise could help all like-minded social media professionals, influencers and audience curators seeking to develop their voice and grow audiences in a sustainable, meaningful way. That’s why we designed Contempo, to help everyone achieve social greatness, all the while delighting and engaging their audience.

About Contempo

Contempo connects premium, socially-optimized publishers with high quality audiences via the intermediation of influential voices, communities and personalities on all major social networks, optimizing and simplifying the experience of curating and managing a successful content strategy on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Via data-driven targeting, real-time analytics and machine-learning, influencers can optimize their social game and engage their audience, while sharing in the revenue they contribute to for our network of premium publishers.