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Careers at the Social Edge

Front End Engineer

The Social Edge is seeking a talented front end engineer.


The candidate should be comfortable with

  • CLI
  • Unix/Linux file structures
  • Versioning with git
  • Wireframing
  • Modern development tactics (sprints / scrum / agile dev)

The candidate should also

  • Be familiar with modern MVC frameworks (RoR / Codeigniter) and content management systems
  • Understand the architecture of the internet at large and local networks
  • Be familiar with social media and online publishing tactics



The candidate should

  • Have 3 years front end development experience
  • Understand the dom inside and out
  • Be very comfortable with recent developments in css / html5 / local storage / ajax / etc. Sass or Less is a bonus.
  • Be very comfortable with Jquery, Underscore and other helpful front end libs. Bonus if you are into D3.js and/or WebGL stuff. Big bonus if you are comfortable with raw Javascript.
  • Be very comfortable working with templated code such as liquid, mustache or smarty. Bonus if you have your own git repos where you keep your tool kit.



  • Competitive Compensation. Commensurate with experience.
  • Flexible Vacation and Sick Time policy. Work smarter, not harder. Spend your time freely, just get your work done. We know you need to see grandma every so often; we love ours, too.
  • Great Health Benefits. Happy, healthy people make better employees.
  • 401k Policy With Company Matching. Because your financial future is made in the present.
  • Company Bonus Program. Your total annual compensation is directly tied to our company’s well being. We are all in the same boat and we want you to help us raise the tide.
  • Company Outings and Trips. We like to have fun together. The all-expenses-paid type of fun.
  • Your Very Own MacBook Air or iMac. Your choice. Plus a large display if “vagabond” is your style.
  • Suggest Your Own. We are adding benefits all the time. Help us build a great business, and reap the rewards alongside us.



Please send your cover letter and resume to


About the Social Edge

We believe consistently delivering great content while building healthy audiences is key to creating long-lasting publishing and personal brands. We’ve used our social media expertise to launch some of the biggest sites and web personalities.
Our platform aggregates quality digital content from our publishers into one simple feed for our Influencers to share with their followers. They drive organic traffic to publishers, who in return pay Influencers for each follower’s click and share.
The Social Edge is an easy-to-manage approach to social media, rooted in data-rich metrics which we deliver to you in a beautiful, user-friendly package.